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H2Ohs in the news...


Hands down...  we outsell the competition!

Since the day H2Ohs ConneX hit the market in late 2014, H2Ohs has been outselling all existing pool toys and personal floatation aids, blow up floats, glorified pool noodles, pool saddles, the list goes on...

H2Ohs-Connex by FLOATEEZ Brands is the world’s ONLY custom fit water float.  You can build fun structures and connect our floats for hours of fun! H2Ohs-Connex stands alone from all other flotation devices featuring innovative oval construction and an inter-connecting expandable design.  H2Ohs-Connex is designed for a purpose: to be an affordable, functional, expandable water float, without any additional dangerous parts, ropes, plastic connectors or hassles.  H2Ohs-Connex is more than just a flotation device – it’s the ULTIMATE new way of interacting in or around any body of water!

world's only custom fit water floats

FLOATEEZ Brands out sells the competition!

only pool float brand on the planet that connects!

FLOATEEZ in the news!

putting H2Ohs to the does it work test!

World's only inter-connecting water float!
H2Ohs - Build, Float, Be Awesome!
World's only inter-connecting water float!
FLOATEEZ Brands, we manufacture fun!

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reinventing flotation recreation!


FLOATEEZ Brands, we manufacture fun!
World's only inter-connecting water float!
World's only inter-connecting water float!

H2Ohs can be used so many different ways...

H2Ohs-ConneX builds pre-engineering skillsets with young children.

Build floating basketball hoops, volleyball nets,  soccer goals, water polo anyone?  Build whatever you can imagine!

Use as a swim aid for beginners gaining confidence in the water!

Use as an exercise tool and rehabilitation or stress reliever...

Our products are made from recycled materials.  The only green initiative water float of it's kind on the planet!

No more wasted pool noodles or blow up rafts!  Save the environment...

UV additives create a product lasting for years, not one season.

Keep adding H2Ohs to your pool arsenal each year to build floating masterpieces!


build.  float.  be awesome!

World's only inter-connecting water float!

H2ohs-connex climb aboard!

build. float. be awesome!



World's only inter-connecting water float!