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FLOATEEZ outsells the competition 9-1!

Since the day FLOATEEZ Water Floats hit the market in early July 2014, FLOATEEZ has been outselling all existing pool toy and personal water craft, blow up floats, glorified pool noodles, pool saddles, the list goes on...

FLOATEEZ is the ULTIMATE new way of interacting while in the water!

World's only custom fit water float, no matter what shape, size or weight.

FLOATEEZ Connects to form building blocks on water.  Build floating swim platforms, custom rafts, personal water craft, personal custom fit water floats, you get the idea...

world's most versatile water floats

Floateez out sells the competition!

floateez exercise, swim aid

FLOATEEZ can be used so many different ways...

Use as a swim aid for young children gaining confidence in the water!

Use as an exercise tool and rehabilitation in the water!

FLOATEEZ uses are limited ONLY by one's imagination!

FLOATEEZ is a multi-functional flotation aid that is more like an extension of your own body in the water.

FLOATEEZ water logz connect to create endless fun & excitement in the water!

Float on your back, on your tummy or in a sitting position -- completely stabilized!! 

innovative floateez water floats

FLOateez in the news!

putting FLOATEEZ to the does it work test!

Pool rafts, Pool lounge floats, Swimming Pool Floats, Pool floats for adults, no pool noodles...

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FLOATEEZ is reinventing floatation recreation!



Floateez fun climb aboard!

floateez brings fun EXcitement & adventure!