Extraordinary, not ordinary...

H2Ohs are shaped in the form of an ellipse for rigidity!  Our eco-friendly foam is bouyant, lightweight, recycled closed cell polyethylene foam, UV additives during the extrusion process means we last for years...  H2Ohs are resistant to water absorption, saltwater and harsh pool chemicals.  Excellent tear and tensile strength means H2Ohs  are very durable, being able to withstand lots of bending, twisting and rough-tough use.

World's only inter-connecting water float!
FLOATEEZ Brands, we manufacture fun!
World's only inter-connecting water float!
World's only inter-connecting water float!

Reinventing floatation recreation!

H2Ohs is the premier, most versatile, ultimate personal floatation device ever invented!  Almost everyone who enjoys the leisure of lounging in the water will know what a "pool noodle" is... you know, that circular non-functional floating thing?

Well, there's a new kid on the block!  We may look somewhat like a noodle but we function like H2Ohs!  Think of H2Ohs as a multi-functional flotation aid that is more like an extension of your own body in the water.  Whether floating on your back, on your tummy or even in a sitting position -- you'll be completely stabilized!!  You'll never want to float on those other types of floats again.  Bring H2Ohs to your next pool or boat party and we are positive everyone - young, old, big, small - will have a Floatastic time!


World's only inter-connecting water float!

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